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Inspire and engage your students. Optoma has over 20 years of experience providing innovative display solutions to primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Offering both software and hardware solutions, Optoma can help you transform classrooms into visual learning and interactive experiences.


Hy-Flex and Hybrid Learning

Increase engagement and never miss a lesson.

Work together in real-time from home, in the classroom or anywhere. Connect webcams for hybrid lessons using Optoma's Whiteboard software, enabling educators to join or create collaborative sessions remotely, where groups or individuals can work together from separate locations in real-time. Plus, content, courses or collaborative resources can be saved to the cloud.

Learning Spaces

From small spaces to large classrooms and auditoriums. No matter the size or type of environment, Optoma offers Audio Visual solutions to meet your specific needs. Specialising in Projection, Interactive displays, Professional Displays and LED technology Optoma is able to develop and adapt solutions based on your wants and needs.


Creative sharing is easy.

With a ready-to-use whiteboard on Optoma's IFPDs, created specifically for teachers, the ultra-versatile quick launch pen allows users to start lessons in seconds. With this cloud-based platform, educators can embed browser pages to the screen and sync cloud accounts, including Google Classroom, to easily plan, create, and import lessons. Access websites without leaving the whiteboard. Easily drag and drop images from the embedded browser onto your session. From interactive whiteboard tools to quizzes and multimedia materials, including interactive 3D animations, mozaBook education content elevates the learning experience.


Communication Management - Keep your students and teachers safe and informed.

Celebrate school achievements by broadcasting videos from sports games and musical productions, or share graduation photos across any display in your school and across campus. Send emergency messages and alerts for safety and security.

Software Solutions


Optoma Solutions Suite

Discover Optoma’s range of apps which work with iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices to wirelessly control displays, share content and more.

Mozaik - Dynamic Education Software

Make learning fun and interactive.

This powerful education platform provides a wealth of interactive resources, including interactive whiteboard tools, quizzes, and multimedia materials. Elevate your learning experience now.

With every purchase of an Optoma 5-Series interactive flat panel display (IFPD), you’ll receive a complimentary 1 year mozaBook subscription upon registration. **

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1 year mozaBook subscription

Optoma Management Suite

Designed to streamline operations by monitoring, diagnosing and controlling audio visual displays via a local area network or the cloud; and wireless connectivity from a single platform and location or anywhere in the world.

Product Solutions

Optoma Collaboration Hub

Optoma Collaboration hub designed for education


Optoma's product solutions create dynamic interactive teaching spaces for greater student collaboration and communication.

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Quickly Sync With Google Classroom

Google Classroom support.

Teachers can easly create and import lesson materials anywhere. You can quickly sync with Google Classroom bringing the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to the classroom. Teachers can now work on ther lesson plans from home, and instantly bring them to any classroom.

Case Studies

Hear from other teachers and schools

Sussex Learning Trust

Optoma interactive displays and visualisers are being adopted and utilised in new and exciting ways

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Brandenburg Schönefeld

Digital transformation in classrooms with Optoma’s Creative Touch 5-Series interactive displays

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Peace of mind - First class customer service

Committed to customer service and satisfaction, Optoma offers optional extended warranties on selected products for added peace of mind. Contact us today.

** This offer is available exclusively to educational institutions with every purchase of an Optoma 5-Series interactive flat panel display. Each license grants access to one device and permits unlimited usage by users on that device.