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Using the latest LED technology, Optoma has created a wide range of long-lasting, lamp-free products, paving the way to a brighter, simpler and greener future.

What can LED projection do for you?

LED / LED+technology

Longer life…Lower maintenance

Cutting-edge LED technology, with an exceptional life-span completely eliminates the need for expensive replacement lamps.

In normal use, this means an LED projector can last for more than 10 years*

Producing less heat than UHP lamps allows LED projectors to run cooler for longer... And with fewer cooling fans needed, they not only waste less energy, they can run quieter too .
The filter-free DLP® design does not require filter cleaning or filter replacement, saving you a fortune on regular maintenance.

*Based on 7 hours use per day in a standard office/work environment.

A Greener Future…

Consuming only a fraction of the power & less than 0.5W in standby, LED projectors are a big step forward in reducing our energy footprint……and with no UHP lamp, LED projectors are also completely free of Mercury
All our models are designed to have a long usable life, using fewer materials; ship with the minimum packaging and are free of all possible toxic substances.
We know that improving our products is the best way to reduce our impact on the environment. Naturally, energy efficiency and being recyclable are built in at the design stage. With each new product, we strive towards minimising our environmental impact

Brighter Vivid Colours

The Helmholtz-Kohlrausch Effect

In many situations the perceived brightness of LED projectors can be up to twice as bright of an equivalent lamp-based projector. Utilising this phenonenon, known as the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (HK) effect, Optoma LED projectors produce vividly intense colours.

This enhanced brightness perception enables our LED projectors to comfortably render screen sizes far higher than its ANSI brightness specifications would suggest. This allows the projector to handle low levels of ambient light with less impact on image quality than lamp-based systems.

Hue (dominant wavelength)
Value (brightness)
Chroma (saturation)
As much more of the light produced ends up on screen, less light is wasted; meaning that LED projectors are not only more efficient, but also give you incredibly rich and vibrant colours.
LED technology can also produce a wider range of colours. This extended gamut creates stunning images with deeper saturation, bursting with life.

How does it work

Unlike a typical lamp-based projector, where all the light comes from a single source, LED projectors produce each of the primary colours (Red, Green and Blue) separately.

Optoma currently offer two types of Solid State Illumination technology:

This is the simplest form of LED using separate Red, Green and Blue LEDs. It allows us to create incredibly compact, but powerful projectors. This technology is used in our Pico & ML ranges.
Combining the benefits of both higher efficiency and higher brightness, our LED+ projectors use LEDs for Red and Blue, but generate Green using a LASER shining through a phosphor. This technology is used in our LED+ education range.

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