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The majority of Optoma projectors, especially those designed for installation have an RJ45 network connector. This allows you to control, monitor and even send images to them across your network.


Instant Access

Once connected to your network, simply enter any projector's IP address into your web browser's address bar and the Optoma web interface allows virtually any function of your projector to be controlled in just a few clicks.
Power On/Off
Select Input
Image controls
On-screen menu
All Optoma projectors support both static and dynamic IP addresses (assigned via DHCP)

Advanced Monitoring

The free Crestron RoomView® Express software provides a custom configurable interface to monitor, manage and control multiple projectors remotely from a PC.
Download Crestron RoomView® software from crestron.com/getroomview
Manage up to 250 projectors at the same time – group projectors into categories and control them independently. Instantly monitor the power, lamp and error status of all units from a single window.
Set up automatic email alerts to notify the correct personnel of any issues. Display warning messages onscreen in the event of an emergency. Ideal for large installations in both in the education and business environments.
Reduce overheads and power consumption by scheduling projectors to automatically power ON/OFF at a specific time of day.

For larger installations, involving greater levels of automation and control, Crestron RoomView Server Edition offers a fully customisable platform virtually without limitations. All Optoma projectors with an RJ45 network connection that are “Crestron-Connected” are fully compatible with both editions of Crestron RoomView

Control System Integration

Support for Extron’s IP Link, AMX dynamic device discovery and PJ-Link protocols, allow almost all aspects of your projector to be controlled across a network, keeping you in control, wherever you are.
PJLink is a standard set of commands designed to unify communication interfaces and protocols across multiple manufacturers, enabling easier installations of both new and replacement equipment.

Extron and AMX control systems use text based commands to communicate with devices on a network.

Optoma projectors use the same unified code set for both RS232 and Network control to simplify the programming procedure and reduce time required onsite.

Alternatively, advanced users can control and monitor the projectors using Telnet. Telnet allows users to connect to the command line interface of their projector remotely, making it ideal for troubleshooting any potential issues.

Network Projection

Advanced network chip-sets allow you to send your desktop to a projector across the network Simply download the free software from the projector's web interface to start comparing charts, figures, images... virtually anything.
Broadcast your desktop across the network to as many as 8 projectors simultaneously using the free Optoma Presenter software.
Simultaneously present desktops from up to four computers on a single screen.
Video with Audio
Using the “Wireless Projection System” software, HD video with audio can be streamed across the network to create exciting and engaging presentations every time.

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